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94% reduced
calibration downtime*

*Enable technicians to calibrate a weighing system in as little as 30 minutes compared to 8 hours. No more time spent on tank cleaning and validation due to the use of water or other liquids.

1 000 000+
liters of water saved

BioPharma manufacturers can save up to millions of liters of water, consumed during calibration processes, depending on the number of tanks and their capacity.

1 EilerCal system

Use just one system to calibrate multiple tanks. Detach and move the EilerCal calibration system between tanks as needed and calibrate when it fits into production planning.

Introducing the EilerCal™

As the original creator of the force tensioning system for calibration, Eilersen is now ready with a new and improved design. The new Eilersen EilerCal™ (patents pending) solution consist of a customized high quality hydraulic cylinder, a digital reference load cell measuring the applied force, and a weighing terminal with a display.

The New Standard in Calibration Technology
The EilerCal force transfer system is developed to remove the need for weights and/or water when calibrating all types of load cells. Using the EilerCal™, technicians are able to frequently perform quick calibrations of installed tanks - without tank entry and risk of contamination.

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A mobile tote from Strikebox displayed with load cell calibration system EilerCal.
Two sets of EilerCal calibration systems packed and ready for shipment in cases
An EilerCal force unit with a force indicator for weighing system calibration
EilerCal weighing system mounted on a stainless steel tank for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Waterless Calibration

The new EilerCal™ is one step further towards sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing
No water needed for calibration of weighing systems icon

eliminate the
need to fill tanks

No need to waste expensive fluids or single use bags when calibrating your system

Increase manufacturing uptime when calibrating weighing systems using EilerCal

increase production

Calibrate your systems faster and  reduce production downtime

Reduce contamination risk when calibrating weighing systems using EilerCal

eliminate contamination risks

Keep the system closed and clean while calibrating your system

Easily hit calibration points when calibrating weighing systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies

easily hit calibration

Enables calibration team to easily hit calibration points up to 80.000kg

What industry experts says about EilerCal

“We are confident that EilerCal will have a major impact for pharmaceutical companies globally. The EilerCal force tensioning system is a revolutionary new way to calibrate without the need for Weights and/or Water. It eliminates the need for bags during Single Use system calibration and saves significant utility cost, waste, and most importantly, time.”
Jim Bodle CEO of Acuity Process Solutions
Jim Bodle
CEO, Acuity Process Solutions
A lake filled with water in the mountains illustrating how much water you can save when calibrating load cells using EilerCal calibration system

Save millions of liters of water

Approximately once a year in the pharmaceutical industry, each vessels weighing system is calibrated, wasting thousands of liters of water or other liquids. Why? Because filling the vessels with water is the easiest way to add a load to the systems, which is required when calibrating load cells. Using the EilerCal™ system, all liquid manufacturers can easily calibrate their weighing systems faster with higher accuracy, without wasting a single drop of the world's most precious resource. Investing in EilerCal™ is an investment in sustainable liquid manufacturing.

Need technical documentation?

How does it work?

Each EilerCal™ cylinder is mounted on the calibration lugs and fixed to a solid surface. Using a manual hydraulic pump, technicians can easily increase and decrease the force added to the system, while monitoring the force applied using the weighing terminal. Force can be display in either kilos or pounds, for an easy and accurate calibration. After calibrating, simply decompress the system, detach the cylinder and move on to the next vessel.

Designing Calibration Lugs:
Designing calibration lugs for the EilerCal™ system for new installations or retrofitting to existing equipment should be performed by a qualified engineer. Care must be taken to ensure that the method of attachment does not compromise structural integrity of the vessel, and must be robust enough to remain rigid under calibration forces. If the tank legs or vessel sidewall is not dimensioned to sustain the force without buckling, then a weld pad should be added to spread the load. Please contact us for more information.

Integrate into multiple

You can benefit from using the EilerCal™ in a vast amount of applications and setups. Adding calibration lugs to your vessels enables technicians to easily attach the EilerCal system and calibrate whenever needed. Every EilerCal™ system can be detached when calibration is done, to maintain a clean and accessible production environment. Examples of systems compatible with EilerCal™ include, but are not limited to...

  • Single-use mixers & bioreactors
  • Moveable totes
  • Fixed tanks
  • Stationary calibration stations
  • 100 liter tanks
  • 60.000+ liter tanks
Installed tanks with Eilersen Electric digital load cells

Technical specifications

Cylinder diameter: 

Min. 100 mm, max. 165 mm


280 mm + mounting bracket

Calibration range: 

Up to 20.000 kg per cylinder

Hydraulic oil: 

MOBIL DTE FM 32 (Asp. Tox. 1 H304)

Attachment top:

Metric M24 thread
(Mounting options available)

Attachment bottom:

Ø25 stainless steel pin

IP Class:


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