Who are we?

Eilersen Calibration Systems ApS is a spinout of the Danish family-owned company Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S founded in 1969. Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S is the inventor of the patented capacitive load cell technology and is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality load cells and weighing solutions to customers in 90+ countries.

The capacitive technology has a proven number of advantages compared to strain gage-based load cells and other load cell technologies, being digital, robust, and hygienic, making the Eilersen load cells ideal as a reference for the EilerCal calibration solution.

Frederik Eilersen
Owner of Eilersen Calibration Solutions and inventor of EilerCal.

The History of EilerCal

The development of EilerCal started in 2009 as Eilersen Electric was asked to develop an alternative calibration method for a Danish company unable to fill their vessels with water when calibrating and validating installed weighing systems. This resulted in the first version of the EilerCal calibration system, utilizing a hydraulic cylinder and a reference load cell to supply a measurable downward force, all without adding water.

The word quickly spread among Danish BioPharma companies, who recognized the many advantages of not using water to calibrate weighing systems. In the following years, a new compact and improved version of the calibration solution was developed, resulting in the reliable, robust, and compact design of today's EilerCal.

In 2022, Eilersen Calibration Solutions ApS was founded as a separate company dedicated to further developing and marketing the waterless calibration solution, EilerCal.

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